Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Pedro's Two-Hitter

Last night I went shopping in an attempt to find a birthday gift for a friend. Didn't find anything for her. Found plenty of stuff for me. Sigh. At least everything I bought was from the sale rack.

So, I've come to the conclusion that WNYC's Soterius Johnson is a Mets fan. I can practically hear him smirking through my radio when he announces "The Yankees lost last night, making this their ninth loss in the last ten games." He's probably pumping his fists in the studio. Then he goes on to talk about the Mets nice win last night. But what does he say? "The Mets have never had a no-hitter in the history of the club, but they came very close last night when pitcher Pedro Martinez struck out 12 batters before giving up a home run in the 7th inning." Please. Pedro Martinez's performance, while impressive, was not "very close" to throwing a no-hitter. "Very close" is Mike Mussina getting one strike away from throwing a perfect game up at Fenway in 2001. That's "very close." Pedro just threw a two-hitter and did a good job, Soterius, so stop your gushing.


  1. Megz is never good at hiding her mepris (contempt for those of you that eat freedom fries) sounds like, if it's true that Soterius used the word "very" in describing Pedro's performance, that would probably be too much, but I doubt it as she is prone to hyperbolize when retelling conversations. Clearly you're just bitter that the periodic shift in beisbol hierarchy in NYC is taking place right now...Pedro was rediculous last night and getting into the 7th with a no hitter is fairly close...and getting within a strike away is the least Mussina can do as he makes 5 million more per year than Pedro.

  2. I guess the $5 million covers the difference in doing it against the Red Sox vs. doing it against the worst offense in the National League? That's fair. Let's just see if it holds up in 2008.

  3. Phil, you lie! I do not hyperbolize. Soterius said "very" and he was practically giggling with glee when he said it. My memory is excellent.

  4. BTW, Phil, which is closer - getting into the 7th with a no-hitter or lasting until game 5 of the World Series? I'm unclear.

    P.S. You started it.

  5. Anonymous2:55 PM

    Mets Fans SUCK

  6. anonymous yankee fans suck even more...

    i am not saying pedro will be doing the same in 2008, but ill take 1 or 2 years of less than perfrect pedro at 12 million over the however many more years you owe mussina 17 million, 2 years of 16 million to the big useless (joel sherman's comment, not mine), 17 million you owe kevin brown...hopefully jaret wright spends 29 more days on the DL and then you can buy him out for 3 million instead of keep him for 7 million in his last year...

    and there is nothing i can say about 2000 - the mets lost and the yankees were the better team...then

  7. i think you need to look at those signings in the context in which they happened; the only ones i'd compare pedro to are the unit and jaret wright. the others happened in a climate where pedro would've demanded (and gotten) far more.

    and i'd still take the unit over pedro, i think he has a better shot at longevity and i think he can snap out of this funk. plus i'm not convinced pedro would be pitching like this in the AL east, and for the yankees. jaret wright, though, was a garbage signing.

  8. your yankee allegiance reached a new level with that last comment...if you would rather have a 10 year older pitcher with a groin problem and no knee cartilege because you think he has a better chance at longevity - you are mental. I would be more likely to by the argument that he will be more effective in the short run, such as in the fall, but a longevity argument to support paying 4 million a year more for the unit for three years - crazy, man...

    as for the context argument, its about the only defense you can make to having all of those contracts on your back...

    if you want to compare only new economy contracts, we should throw pavano the beefcake into the mix too. At 40 million over four years, thats the most comparable contract to pedro' far pavano looks like a moderate improvement over vasquez but certainly not 2 million less per year than pedro. if pedro is worth 12 million per year, pavano certainly is worth well less than 10 so far. I would take benson, who makes 3 million less than pavano and has one less year, over pavano.