Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - 17 days, wiotches. I have subdued my excitement because I'll be away when the book officially comes out, and thus won't get my very own copy till July 19th. But after talking to Kate last night, and coming to a definitive agreement that Dumbledore is probably going to shuffle off the mortal coil, I'm starting to get pumped. What will be do without Dumbledore? Will all be lost? The wonderful thing about the HP books is that, while the anticipation is delicious, the pay-off is always better.

So, no gossip. J.K. Rowling has dispatched a great many of the rumors circulating and warns all us muggles to take everything we hear about it with a large grain of salt. Meanwhile, Amazon has compiled its list of favorite moments from the series. High on my list: the first time Harry meets Hagrid; the de-gnoming of the Weasley's garden; Nearly Headless Nick's deathday party; Harry, Ron & Hermione's battle with the mountain troll; anything involving Professor Lupin; Professor Moody and the unforgiveable curses.... and from Book 5, Luna and Harry's conversation in the final chapter about losing a loved one, and the notion that those we lose are just beyond the veil.... so touching, but never sentimental.

Your favorites?


  1. My favorite moment was when I became an animagis so that Sirius and I could do it doggie style.

    I guess that wasn't technically in the books, though.

  2. HARRY POTTER. Holy crap, I'm so pumped. Matt & I spent an excruciating meeting this afternoon sorting everyone that was there and describing the spells we would use to blow everyone's head off.

    I. am. amped.