Friday, June 17, 2005

Holy Cheesy Engagement, Batman!

So like, you guys? Yeah, Tom and Katie. Because I just can't catch a break from him. Defamer is going to town today, bless them, and that definitely makes this ridiculous saturation easier to swallow. And according to the blind item guessing game from Page Six, which movie star interviewed three starlets for the role of future girlfriend/wife before picking his current beloved? Hmmm.... I wonder.... and that would certainly be in keeping with the rumor that Tommykins asked Kate Bosworth out on a date and she turned him down....

Despite the fact that Joey, I mean Katie, has always annoyed the bejesus out of me (she's got that annoying little girl thing going on) and Tom reminds me of some of my former patients from my days as a social worker at a mental hospital, I still plan on seeing Batman Begins. First, it's getting awesome reviews. Second, I would follow Christian Bale to the ends of the earth. He's dreamy. The Village Voice didn't care for it, but they don't care for much of anything. Manohla Dargis of the Times was shocked to find that it was "unexpectedly good." And EW gave it an A.

In other, more brain expanding news, NPR has put out its summer book list. It was aired on Talk of the Nation, which for some inexplicable, but probably dastardly reason, does not air on the WNYC affiliate. Boo. I am especially excited to read The Devil's Teeth, which is a nonfiction book about great white sharks and scientists who study them. I have a mild obsession with sharks, so I think this will be most enjoyable. Cloud Atlas also looks tempting and is out in paperback.... I am generally thoroughly opposed to buying hardcover books, so I may need to poke around Ebay for these gems. Does anyone else ever feel as though you'll never get to read all the books you want to read? This concern leads me to have three or four books going at once. I wish I could speed read like Pablo.... perhaps he will teach me some day.

This weekend, I shall extend my search for a tunic, like this one, except not in an icky chartreuse color and not $200. Sorry, Shelli Segal, I do love you, but not that much. To Target with me!

Have a great weekend, all y'all. Back on Monday, hopefully with some food reviews and what not.


  1. Try NY & Co. They have some very cute tunics.

  2. the booklist is exciting. i haven't seen batman yet, but i did see the pants movie