Thursday, June 02, 2005

Mmmm.... rocquefort.

After the match on Tuesday, I drove the city folk back to the island. After some deliberation, Grace in Tribeca was selected as the restaurant of choice for dinner. The swell thing about Tribeca after working hours is that there is a lot of parking. It's a beautiful thing.

Grace has a 40-foot long mahogany bar, apparently one of the longest in the city and it does indeed look like it would be a lovely place to sit and have a drink. The entire place has exposed brick walls, which I am personally a fan of when it comes to architecture. And according to Rajeev, they make a really good Manhattan (yes, Kate, we will have to go there the next time you're up this way).

There is a small dining room in the back, where they pulled down a big screen for the Pistons game. On to the important stuff - I had a cask ale (there aren't too many place you can get this, so it's a treat) and a burger. The good part about the burgers is that you can get a variety of cheeses, including rocquefort, which is what I had. You can also get bacon, grilled onions or "avocado salsa," which by the way, is guacamole.... why they don't call it that, I do not know. Anyway, I had the guacamole, although I wish I had had bacon instead. Bacon would have been really nice with the rocquefort. I ordered the burger medium rare, which is wasn't, but that's to be expected.

Service was attentive and quick and the atmoshphere was laid back. On the whole, it was a nice meal and I would certainly return. I think I would try the steak sandwich next time, though, and see if they managed to make it medium rare.

Trip home - I managed to make it out through the Holland before they shut it down to one lane and got back to Mo Plains in 45 minutes. Sweet.

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