Tuesday, June 14, 2005

You Got a Reaction

Luncheon luncheon luncheon luncheon. Today, I get out of work for several hours to go to an end of term luncheon in the Ironbound district of Brick City (aka Newark). Hooray! So, posting will be light today.

First things first. Guess who's going to Vienna in July? I am, bitches! Ha hahahahahahahahaha!
Janet and I are booking our Vienna trip today. We are paying for it with our income tax refunds. Thank you federal government, for giving me back money that I can now spend in a foreign country.

John Tierney is officially on my shit list with his misinformed and statistically lacking op-ed piece in today's Times about how old people are slothful and should go get jobs and contribute to the economy.

At some point today, I hope to give you my review of the movie Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, but it'll have to wait till after luncheon luncheon luncheon luncheon. Sorry for the hyperativity. Getting out of work reminds me of half-days in high school. Good times.

Last, but not least, I was in the grocery store yesterday, mulling over my ice cream options, when the White Stripes new single, "Blue Orchid" came on. It was weirdly sandwiched between Steve Winwood's "Back in the High Life" (which reminds me of high school English teacher Mrs. B) and some Gloria Estefan song from after her bus accident. It was strange to hear at the local Stop and Shop, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Although, I do have to say, Meg White isn't much of a drummer is she? I know next to nothing about music, but even I can tell she seems really lacking.

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