Thursday, June 09, 2005


Just when I thought Tom Cruise couldn't possibly piss me off any further than he already has, he takes a flying leap over yet another shark. When a reporter asked him if he has a speaking parenting relationship with ex-wife Nicole Kidman, Cruise told the reporter that he had "crossed a line." Umm, Tom, it's kind of hard for us to know where the line is when you keep blathering on about thetans and scientology and your love for Joey, and jumping up and down on sofas on national TV.

Dave Chappelle met with Comedy Central execs the other day for the first time since he bolted. No word on if/when he'll return to work.

Curbed is doing a pretty funny contest called "Hoodwinked" in which ten finalists submitted proposals of names for neighborhoods in New York. Voting opens tomorrow, so be sure to check them out.

Recently confirmed to the Circuit Court of Appeals, Janice Rogers Brown compared liberalism to slavery. Ummm, okay.

And if you're really bored, vote on the cutest kittens.

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  1. Uh, Tom Cruise sporting a "Rocky pose" on national TV - argh. I agree Megan, I USED TO love him.
    Link has details!,19736,1070331,00.html