Thursday, June 23, 2005

Cause Misdemeanor Said So?

Telling this story requires me to confess a guilty pleasure. Sometimes when I get home, if there's nothing on TV, I will flip between BET's 106 & Park, MTV2's Hip-Hop Show, and Fuse's Daily Download. It's a guilty pleasure because I actually hate music television - their interminable commercials, and the V-J's blah blah blah blah blah, and the fact that they almost never show any videos. But I have found that if I flip between these three programs, I manage to see a good number of videos. If it weren't for BET, I probably would not have discovered my current favorite song, Ciara's "Oh," which is an interesting tribute to Atlanta with a ridiculously catchy hook and chorus that have been in my head for a week.

So, last night after watching Missy Elliot's new video on 106 & Park, no sooner had Missy sang her last "Cause Misdemeanor said so" when who do they bring out to plug his new movie? Tom Cruise. I seriously can't catch a break. Of all the places I ought to be spared.... but noooooo. And of course, he's ridiculously happy and in loooove, and then they bring out Katie Holmes and I am subjected to their schmoopie woopie love. And I threw up. The end.

Gena sent along this gem about Tom getting annoyed with a reporter who had a "misconception" about scientology and their belief in aliens.

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  1. G-Doll2:19 PM

    He is everywhere!! ARGH!