Monday, June 13, 2005

Tom Cruise, leave me alone!

So, my second nephew was born on Friday afternoon. Mom and baby are healthy and doing well. I spent most of my weekend looking after nephew number one. Needless to say, I am very tired.

On Friday night, after heading back to my apartment, I was delighted to find my Entertainment Weekly in my mailbox. Sure, it comes every Friday, but with the events of the day, I had completely forgotten about it. Yes, an hour on the couch with EW was exactly what I needed before bed, I thought. Alas, who was on the cover? Tom Cruise! Arrrggghhhh. "Tom Cruise! Why won't you leave me alone?!?!" I demanded as I shook the magazine.

Of course, I ran right inside to read the interview with Mr. Cruise.

First off, how does he feel about people making fun of/disapproving of his highjinks with Katie? Well, in Tommy's humble opinion, some people just don't like to see others happy. And he doesn't care what they think - he's madly in love and he wants the world to know! Thanks. Then he moved onto the whole Brooke Shields debacle. He doesn't understand why people are bothered by his speaking out against "drug use" (for the record, he speaks out about the use of anti-depressants and what not) because he doesn't see how it's any different than the anti-drug movement of the 1980s. Second, he says Carl Jung wrote for a Nazi paper in the 1930s. EW pointed out that there is nothing to substantiate that claim. Then he said that Hitler had a lot to do with the invention of methadone, which according to Tom was originally called Adolphine. That's apparently an urban legend.

Please, read it for yourself.

I've got nothin'. There's no point in making fun of someone who does such an excellent job of looking like a fool all on his own.

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  1. I actually have a neighbor who was wearing a "Save Katie" t-shirt yesterday. :)


    I'd love to see the celebrity scientologists battle the celebrity kabbalists in some sort of cage match. T'would be much fun, methinks.