Wednesday, June 29, 2005

For Beer Fans

Thanks, Yankees. Thanks a lot for going up 4-1 and then letting the O's tie it up, sending it to extra innings. Thanks for letting them win it in the 10th. Thanks. One false move, and we're back under .500. Sigh.

Meanwhile, the Times has a great article about pale ale, a brief history, what one ought to look for in a pale ale, and the results of a tasting that the Dining section did of 24 different types of pale ale. It makes me want to cut out of work and go have a beer. Their number 1 pick? Dale's Pale Ale from Colorado.

There's also a fantastic article on condiments (sorry Pablo, I hope that the mere mention of the "c" word didn't cause you to go into convulsions). The tester's condiment picks are here, but sadly it does not appear that she tried Trader Joe's wasabe sake mustard. Delicious. I think I shall e-mail Marian Burros and tell her about it.

Great. Now I want a pale ale and a hot dog with mustard. Thanks, Times.

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