Friday, June 24, 2005

School's Out For Summer

So, my boss just left this morning for seven glorious weeks. I feel like running the halls of my floor yelling "Woohoo! Yeah, bitches! Wooohoooooo!" I actually like my boss very much. However, he's had very little work to do the last couple of weeks and as such, has been coming up with new projects for yours truly. So now I can get some of my real work done. And blog more. And the co-workers and I can take random days off. As Will Smith so eloquently said, "Summer summer summertime. I'll just sit back and unwind."

So, this morning while perusing Gawker, I discovered this piece about Matt Lauer's interview with Tom Cruise. He's so horrendous - back to balthering on about the evils of ritalin and how he knows what's best for everyone. You must check it out. Also, Lindsey Lohan doesn't care about the bushmen of Botswana because she "doesn't get involved in drama." Riiiiggghhht. God, I hate celebs.... and yet I am obsessed with them. They must make me feel smuggly superior or something.

And the Yanks lost last night, dropping 3 out of 4 to the Devil Rays. Nice one, boys. Hopefully they'll step it up with weekend while playing the Mets. If they don't, I look forward to Lauren's gloating phone call on Sunday evening.

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  1. Tom Cruise, if it's possible, seems to get crazier and crazier. Next he'll be boiling kittens and wearing garlic necklaces to ward off vampires.

    And Lindsay Lohan can go to hell. I have the sudden urge to burn everything she's touched to purify it.