Friday, May 27, 2005

The 8th Best Burger in New Jersey

After seeing that our little dive bar had made the list on AOL's cityguide for 8th best burger in Northern New Jersey, the co-jerks and I headed down Speedwell Ave to Collins in Morris Plains.

We all had the same thing, more or less - a medium rare burger with cheddar cheese on an English muffin. Philly and Dan had onions on their burgers, I don't like veggies to muck up my burger experience so I went without. Lynn and Dan ordered onion rings, which were quite good, and I stuck with fries.

On the whole, the burger was really quite excellent - it was cooked as ordered, juicy and big. The cheese was melted and the English muffin was a nice touch - big enough to soak up the juice but not so bready as to overwhelm the meat. The best part was the price - $5. Our bill (we each had burgers, fries or onion rings, and a round of beers) including tip was $14 per person. Not bad, considering how stuffed I was.

I'm such a fan of Collins' steak sandwich that I'm not sure if the burger could take its place, but it was an excellent burger. Not having had burgers at the other joints on the list, I can't really give an informed judgment. But rest assured, there are many more burgers in my future, and I'll get back to you.

FYI - Monday is Collins' lobster special - $10 lobster.... and it's actually good.

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