Monday, May 02, 2005

Do We Dare to Ride Two?

Well, after a slightly slow episode of Deadwood last week, this week was back with a vengeance. And while it wasn’t my favorite episode of this season (it’s hard to be super enthusiastic about an epi with so much of the Bullocks) it moved at its usual quick pace and left me with as many questions as answers.

As Charlie pointed out, this episode was all about amalgamation and capital (thanks to the writers for naming the episode that and making it easier to pick up the theme.... although it does spoil some of the fun). From Merrick’s paper, Mose Manual’s death, the N***er General and his really misguided attempt to geld a horse, the opening of the bank and more shenanigans between Swearengen and Miss Isringhausen, there was an awful lot of money considered and exchanged.

Questions? Alma and Ellsworth’s proposal. Why exactly is she delaying? Clearly, she knows that Martha Bullock is here to stay and there’s no hope for her and Seth. Of course, after the possible death of young William, that could all change. Does she tarry because she thinks she can have a baby on her own in Deadwood? In all of this, I can’t help but feel sympathy for the sweet Ellsworth. Remember last season before he got involved in the Garret claim and he would just pan for gold and drink away the rest of the day at the Gem? I bet he misses those days.

Looks like Trixie is just as frustrated with Alma’s delay and it appears she’ll confront her next week. Wonderful Trixie – she can’t keep up with Swearengen in the scheming department, but she does well enough on her own and she clearly does not enjoy it when pawns don’t follow her plans.

I was surprised by Al and Miss Insringhausen. Who knew he would tell her to take her money and get the eff out of town, unless she wanted her throat cut? I was expecting something more nuanced. But I suppose he couldn’t beat around the bush after Miss I’s telegraph to her employers. There haven’t been too many deaths by Al’s hand this season, so I’m starting to think that this cunning lady is in trouble.

Anyhoo, only three episodes left in the season. David Milch decided long ago that each season would handle a period of weeks in a given year. So assuming that the show comes back for a season 3, it's possible that at the start Alma will already have a baby, which kind of shoots my latest theory that they might kill Alma off in childbirth and have the Bullocks raise the baby. That's probably a little too soapy for this class act anyway.

Anyone think little William is dead? I'm betting he is.... if he isn't, he'll probably be brain damaged or something.

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