Thursday, May 12, 2005

I've got nothin'

Today we took a co-worker out to lunch to celebrate the impending birth of her baby. Apparently chocolate cake makes me stupid. I think I had something to say about judicial filibusters and Bill Frist and New Jersey, but I can't remember any of it now. Sorry.

New O.C. tonight kids! Wooooo! Kirsten is in trrroouuuuubbbllllle! I'm psyched. Also, I still want someone to smack Marissa, mainly because I'm jealous of her Anthropologie-heavy wardrobe. I have generally accepted that I will never be rich and will probably spend the rest of my clothing whore days shopping at Target, Kohl's and Old Navy (with an occasional stop at the sales rack in Gap). But when I see an Anthropologie catalogue, or Marissa's skirts on The O.C., well, it makes me sad that I am such a pobrecito.

Yankees have won five in a row, so let's see if, now that .500 is within striking distance, they'll eff it up.

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  1. Paul the Condescending6:17 AM

    Yeah. Blame the chocolate cake.