Thursday, May 26, 2005

Location, location, and a view

I'm a little obsessed with real estate this week. Real estate, and the grossness of Tom Cruise.

Okay, question.

Would you rather live in this Fifth Avenue sort-of 2 bedroom roughly 1300 sq/ft apartment with a big old terrace and sweet view of the skyline for close to $5 million,


this 15,000 sq/ft bad boy in Montclair for $3.7 million, and a view of the skyline in the leafless months,


this Tribeca condo with a cute garden terrace and 3,700 sq/ft for $3,275,000 (don't forget the $1900/month maintenance fee)


this Brooklyn Heights brownstone co-op of 2,600 sq/ft for $2.2 million (sweet kitchen - it's got a subzero! - and master bath)


this Greenburgh Westchester home of 5,000 sq/ft on 1.5 acres for $2,975,000 (again, a beautiful kitchen and master bath)


this 1400 sq/ft loft in Hoboken for $879,000


this 1500 sq/ft apartment in South Beach, for $830,000 with a view of the water, a terrace and beach access.

Mull it over and get back to me. If the shitty weather keeps up, I'm definitely headed for South Beach.

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