Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Some skits, biotch

So, yesterday I went home and I finally cracked open my season one DVD of Chappelle's Show. Cue me in my office, singing "Chappelle's Show, Chappelle's Show" over and over again. When I'm home, I have a dance to go with it, but I'll spare you. Seriously, I know there are some of you out there who have dances to go with TV show themes, so don't judge me!

Anyway, I listened to the commentary that goes along with the first ep. Apparently the Chappelle's Show song had words, but it didn't go with the music, so they just told the guys to keep singing "Chappelle's Show" over and over.

Interestingly, Dave said that he and Neal Brennan (co-writer) both hate it when people use the word "skit" instead of "sketch." So he and Neal kept using "skit" as an inside joke, but now everyone on the show says "skit" instead of "sketch." As Dave put it, he has a tendency to do that with words and things that he finds annoying or wrong - the "n" word being a prime example.

Anyway, one of my favorite parts so far was the PopCopy employee video sketch in which Dave asks "You might be wondering why we should treat the customers so poorly. Why? Because fuck 'em, that's why!"

"Because fuck 'em, that's why!" might be my new motto for the rest of my life. I hope that my boss asks me why I did something some time soon....


  1. I fail to see how the Chapelle Show has anything to do with Star Wars.

  2. Paul the Couch Potato5:46 AM

    Did you see the Simpsons last night? It contained such gems as:

    "My cat's breath smells like cat food."
    "Ah, Diorama-rama. My favorite school event next to Hearing Test Thursday."
    "I bent my wookie."

    Good times... good times.