Friday, May 27, 2005

Why don't you play the game?

Last night I managed to horn my way in once again to Philly's poker game, and I am pleased to declare success. Sure, sure, I didn't do as well as Rajeev, who at the end of regular play needed an excavator to push all his chips around like he was Scrooge McDuck, but given the poor start to the evening, I feel entitled to pat myself on the back.

The game starts with pot limit Texas Hold 'Em with a $20 buy-in. In the past, I have been able to nurse that $20 for the entire evening, but not so last night. Rajeev kept getting great hands, and Sharif kept tossing in chips like they were going to rot otherwise. So, it was with some trepidation that I put in another $20. I'll just say that for the most part, Hold 'Em was not kind to me last night.

But Omaha! Fucking Omaha, whom I so hated before, has won me over. The rules for Omaha are here, in case you are unfamiliar. Almost every hand that I had a big win on came from Omaha, and at the end of regular play, I had won back the $20 I lost with a little extra. Wheee!

Then it was time for the $10 tournament. The tournament is no-limit and by the end of it, we had upped the blinds to 200/400 because the hour was late. I wound up winning, although I felt a little guilty about it because I actually won a decent pot on a king high. Lame.

The bad part of the evening - getting into my car at 1:40am for the looooong drive back to Mo Plains. God, why must it be so far away? If I still lived in Belleville, it would have taken me 20 minutes to get home. Plus, the Holland tunnel, which is really the quickest route back to Mo, is down to one lane outbound after 10:30pm for construction, so I had to take the Lincoln. But, the trip home was quick and I got to hear Earth, Wind and Fire's "September" on the radio. I love that song.

One other highlight of the night - dinner came from Wogie's, which specializes in cheese steaks (with Cheez Wiz! Hooray! Relax, they've got provolone and American cheese too). Yummy.

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