Monday, May 23, 2005

Live by the river

My random survey question for today....

I love bar jukeboxes. Love 'em. And I've been thinking lately about what my go-to songs are on a typical bar jukebox. I don't mean a really great mp3 player box like they have at Hi-Fi, or even at Olde Towne (yeah, they really spell it like that. It would be douchey if it weren't Suffern) in Suffern. I mean the typical, crappy jukebox.

The funny thing to me is that your favorite songs by a performer may not be what you choose at a bar. For instance, my favorite Jimi Hendrix song is "Voodoo Child" but I'd never pick it in a bar. I usually go with "Hey Joe" or "Foxy Lady." I have found in recent years that I always select The Clash's "London Calling." It just sounds good in a dumpy Irish pub. And the third choice usually goes to Marvin Gaye, "Got to Give It Up." It's really just a great song for going out.

So, mull it over and let me know what your go-to's are on a typical Friday night at a bar with a crap selection jukebox.


  1. Crappy jukeboxes usually force me to settle for the Simple Minds. What can you do.

  2. that's a great fallback! we should all be so lucky to have the option to pick select from 2 of the best songs of the 80s when we are working a crappy jukebox!

  3. $15 worth of "Wanna be" by The Spice Girls

  4. Paul the Overly-Sentimental5:13 PM

    I usually play Jungle Boogie and think of you. Honestly. :)