Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Best Burgers in the Jers (oh, and some hotdogs in NYC)

This post is courtesy of my friend Gena, who kindly informed me that AOL's cityguide had posted the best burgers in New Jersey. You can see it here.

The list:

1. Arthur's Tavern - Hoboken
2. Big Ed's BBQ - Old Bridge
3. White Manna - Hackensack
4. Jackson Hole - Englewood
5. White Mana - Jersey City
6. Arnold's Charbroil - Montclair
7. Hiram's - Fort Lee
8. Collins Bar - Morris Plains

9. The Restaurant - Hackensack
10. Isn't listed?!?!?

I've never heard of White Manna, but apparently there's one in Jersey Shitty and Hackensack. And of course, my beloved Collins made the list! Woo-hoo! Clearly, there are no good burgers in South Jersey, thus proving to me that South Jersey is mostly worthless, except for beautiful Cape May county and Atlantic City. Oh wait, this issue is the North Jersey addition, that's why there are no South Jersey burgers. Whatever, I still think SJ is mostly worthless.

And consider yourself forewarned, because Gena has been to Arnold's in Montclair and does not think it deserves to be on the list.

You can view all the other top-tens too - including breakfast, brunch, cheap eats, and pizza.

And in the Times today, a great article about excellent hot dogs in New York.... the author also mentions hot dogs in New Jersey too. But this guy is clearly a connoisseur of the New York hot dog.

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  1. awesome times article. i didn't realize gray's papaya was started by an ex-papaya king employee. and papaya king has an extra spice added to the dog too. more ammo for my debates with ppl who prefer gray's!