Monday, May 23, 2005

I need a vacation

For reasons that I won't get into, I need a freakin' vacation. Last May, my mom and I went to Bermuda. That was lovely. And after the bar exam, I went down to DC and stayed in the comfy One Washington Circle and got a massage at the Four Seasons. But other than that, I haven't really been on a vacation in quite a while. In fact, prior to Bermuda, I had not been on a trip since....uhhh.... May 2001. I know, it's very sad. I worked like a dog when I wasn't in school.

Anyhoo, college roomie Janet and I have decided to take a trip together this summer. Given our limited means, we are unable to go to Italy, which was my first choice. We have found some good deals to the following European cities. I shall lay them out and tell you why I might want to go there.

1.) Budapest - Well, I did learn how to play the Blue Danube waltz by Strauss on the piano, so perhaps I ought to see the actual river.

2.) Prague - This was the cool place to go for awhile... I think that it's no longer cool because it was cool for so long. But I'm always late to trends, so perhaps now is the perfect time.

3.) Vienna - The sausages, clearly.

4.) Copenhagen - Ummm. Hamlet. And.... danish. I like danish. Especially rasberry.

5.) Krakow - Two words. Marc Achrymienia. The Polish sensation, aka, my back-up husband in case neither of us ever pair off, is still living and teaching in Krakow. My Marcles is turning 30 this year and what better gift can I give than going to visit? What's that you say? A better gift would be a sweater from Banana Republic? Bite me.

Please make recommendations so that Janet and I can get on with it and book our trip.


  1. Copenhagen is a v cool city. Great architecture + design, cool + friendly people, and it doesn't feel too touristy. I wouldn't make it the sole focus of a trip, but it could be a good springboard for that area.

    Oh and their hot dogs are amazing.

  2. I vote for Scranton, PA. They have a Christan Bookstore, an all-things-rattan store, and a rock store.

  3. Paul the Wanderer5:14 PM

    Geez... my college roommate is turning 30? That is amazingly f'ed up.

    I want to go somewhere this summer. If you are up for a trip, be it day, weekend, or monthlong, let me know!

  4. Paul the Genetically Cursed5:15 PM

    And Kate, don't scoff. My father and I went to Scranton on vacation. Twice.