Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Here boy!

So, I have joked in the past that I write this blog primarily for the amusement of Kate, but since Anhabelle is the one who gets on my case when I don't post, I think I'll have to change that policy. So, sorry for the delay, and here is my random thoughts to kick off the day.

The Plainfield Dog Track in Connecticut is shutting down as of May 14. It's expected that hundreds of greyhounds will need homes. The adoption fee is $50, which includes all vaccinations and spay/neuter. I'm a fan of greyhounds - they are tremendously sweet and well-behaved dogs. I'd get one if it weren't for my apartment's rules and poor Abbott, who would be very cranky with me if I brought in a dog. Anyway, if you can welcome a doggy into your home, look into it. The track has a toll free number about adoption. Thanks to Lynn for the heads up on this.

And following the Yankees fourth win in a row last night, those lousy cakesniffers are only 4 games under .500. As I told my mother, color me unimpressed until they hit the .500 mark. Although, I will admit that it is heartening to see them on a winning streak for a change. And I'm still going to boo them if they tank against the Tigers on May 24. Best record in baseball belongs to the Chi-Town White Sox at the moment (24-9). The Os are playing the White Sox, starting tomorrow, so hopefully they'll knock the Os down a few pegs... then again, the Mariners will be facing the BoSox and lord knows, I don't want them racking up any wins.

Meanwhile, Giambi is pitching a fit and won't head down to the minors, at least for the time being. Phil says I'm fickle, but I've never been a Giambi fan, so I don't think it's fickle to say that I'd like Giambi to take a long walk off a short pier right now.

And last but not least, tonight I am headed to Nueva York's Roseland Ballroom to see Weezer. I am very excited - I expect to feel like I'm 16 again, since that's how old I was when the Blue Album came out. And I mean 16 in a good way, not in a rocking back and forth in a corner, saying "Please leave me alone, stop making fun of me" sort of way.


  1. Lauren in the Kans3:23 PM

    I feel the same way about Tom Glavine. He is a good for nothing who needs to not be on the team right now. If he gets 164 innings this year, he has the option for another year. Jesus!! Tidewater Tides, take him away now!

  2. Booo. Booo to changes in policy.