Thursday, May 05, 2005

Two Midday Questions

(From the ridiculous number of posts today, I'm sure you can see that I have work to do, but I'm procrastinating).

Two questions posed.

One. Who is your inappropriate crush? This question was asked by a co-worker a couple of weeks ago. I realized the other day that I am so in love with Victor Garber. He's rather old and puffy, but I find him dreamy. Please mull yours over and report back.

Two. If you found yourself unattached from life's encumbrances, what crazy things would you do? I have a friend who says that if his wife suddenly died (not that he wants her to, as he loves her very much), he would join the French Foreign Legion. Or become a Thai boxer. Another friend dreams of moving into the cliffside monastery at Mt. Athos in Greece where he'd sit and read all day.

As I am mostly unattached, I have decided that my pipe dream (no, I don't mean the one about me becoming a pai gow dealer, a professional poker player, or a bartender in St. Thomas) is entirely attainable. I plan to quit this line of work, go on a world tour, and open my own Irish pub. Try not to be too jealous.


  1. Lauren in the Kans5:50 PM

    I didn't think this was inappropriate until Bill went, "you like him? ewwwwwwww!" But I love Hugh Laurie soooo much. He is my big time crush, inappropriate or not. House MD is the best show. IMHO.

  2. it has been said before, but mario batali.

    hugh laurie is too conventionally cute - not inappropriate at all!