Thursday, May 19, 2005

I and my Anhabelly

Well, to wrap up this week of birthdays, it's time to pay tribute to the woman who taught me about horse racing, trashy reality TV, acceptance of others while holding yourself to a too high standard, and everything great about ESPN.... Miss Anhabelle.

Anhabelle and I went to law school together, and while we officially met right before Thanksgiving of first year, we didn't become tight until evil evil Evidence during second year. But Anhabelle had the distinction of being the only other girl that hung around with the Scorpions (yeah, don't ask.... suffice it to say that those were my law school friends and they were all boys). For my birthday during first year, Anhabelle braved Broad Street in Newark in search of tacky airbrushed cupcakes for me. She couldn't find the Broad Street Bakery, so she asked an 80-year-old Latino gentleman walking down the street. He pointed her in the right direction, and as she passed, he slapped her ass. Yeah, I know. Those cupcakes came at a high price.

But that's Anhabelle - she goes out of her way for acquaintances, so you can just imagine what she does for her friends.

Anhabella adorably cries at the silliest things, although in her every day life, she always seems to have her stuff together. I aspire to be more like Anh because she is just so goddamned cool - she is the original guy's girl/girl's girl. She has a deep love for the Yankees, the Buffalo Bills, Nascar racing, golf, gambling and disgusting humor, while also managing to have adorable handbags and fantastic shoes, cute cosmo glasses, and a patented "boys suck" speech for whenever a girlfriend gets dumped. To me, it is proof that there may be a god that Anhabelly is also imbued with a healthy dose of neurosis. If she were entirely perfect, no one could stand it, and no one would aspire to be as pretty, intelligent, funny and kind as she is.

Last year at Anhabelle's lovely birthday/graduation party, Kate (my date, naturally) turned to me and said, "It's a good thing that I know Anh is a little bit neurotic, because otherwise I'd hate her. She'd just be too perfect." It was the truth - Anh moved throughout the crowd with a grace and humor that puts everyone at ease and lets those around her know that she is contented in her space. It's a difficult thing to achieve and something that she does naturally.

When I bite off more than I can chew, Anh is right behind, tidying up the mess. And when I have to drive back from Atlantic City on three hours of sleep, Anhabelle will sit in the front seat and serenade me with songs she can't remember the words to.

Law school sucked in many respects, but I was blessed in the friendships I made. Anhabelle's friendship is one of those that changes your life, and I am truly lucky. Happy birthday, girl.


  1. Anhabelle5:33 PM

    And now I need fresh mascara cause I am looking a little like Alice Cooper . . . Thanks!
    I don't understand how on my birthday of all days, you can exploit my greatest weakness!

    But seriously, thanks for the kind words. The deep blush that you are responsible for will surely contribute to global warming and the melting of glaciers everywhere. I hope you're happy!

  2. How true, how true. Anh IS all things wonderful.